Conforming Rates - Mortgage Loans
Loan Program   $75,000 to $417,000   $74,999 & Under
10 YR Fixed 3.000% call for quote
15 YR Fixed 3.125% call for quote
20 YR Fixed 3.875% call for quote
30 YR Fixed 4.125% call for quote
USDA Rural Housing ( 100% LTV )
30 YR USDA   4.125%   4.125%
Albemarle Tel: (704) 983-6181
Concord   Tel: (704) 262-4852
Oakboro   Tel: (704) 485-3435
Norwood Tel: (704) 474-3103
Locust   Tel: (704) 888-8897
Wadesboro   Tel: (704) 694-2122

The Rates displayed are for 45-day locks on purchases and 30-day locks on refinances. Rates are quoted with an Origination Charge of 1% plus $300 (minimum of $925) and are based on you establishing an escrow account for taxes and insurance. Rates and/or fees are subject to change without notice. Your rate and/or fees are subject to change based on your loan-to-value (LTV), combined loan-to-value (CLTV), credit score, loan amount, loan purpose and occupancy. The rate displayed may not be your final rate and additional fees may be required.

Rates are not guaranteed until you have applied and locked your rate with a loan originator. Your loan must close according to the terms of the lock-in agreement for your rate to remain valid. Adequate homeowners insurance is required . Flood insurance will be required if your property is determined to be in a flood zone. If your LTV is greater than 80%, private mortgage insurance will be required . Private mortgage insurance will increase your payment amount and your APR.